Digital marketing in the fashion industry.

Fashion Marketing Channels

If there is any sector in which “trends” really matter, that is fashion. The influence of prescriptors, bloggers and influencers on online networks and channels is incredible, and it is they who can aupair or sink a brand overnight.

There are 4 basic pillars to design a good fashion marketing strategy:

  • Attractive product
  • Active presence in social networks, especially on Facebook and Instagram and social media ads campaigns
  • Website, and blog with positioning in search of adequate ceo to increase visitor traffic
  • Online store with excellent customer service, loyalty programs and after-sales monitoring.

The impulse of prescribers and social media

The social media specialized in the fashion sector are the indisputable reference for men and women who analyze their contents in order to be aware of what they are wearing and the trends that will be imposed in the coming months. Specialized magazines, such as Vanity Fair, Vogue or Elle have an overwhelming prescriptive power. Their legendary reputation gives them absolute authority in what they show or say. For them, readers believe closely that if these fashion bibles say that this or that is carried, it will be for something.

Today the specialized press, social networks or bloggers are finally those that have an influence on consumers and those that really set the trends. Therefore, fashion brands that wish to achieve a good position in the market should appear regularly in these publications, and also on websites and on reputed pages and with high influence in the sector. This way they can position themselves well in the category that most interests them. And, in short, who does not follow fashion marketing strategies and does not constantly update in a sector as volatile as the fashion and textile industry simply does not exist.

Análisis Gratis

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