Basic marketing for the fashion industry.

The videos to power 

It does not matter the social network to which more efforts are dedicated since in any of them the video is the most demanded and requested by the users.

There are several formats of videos that are very required, but the most successful are the 360-degree videos that are broadcast live, short videos of ten seconds and long videos of sixty seconds.

If you are not convinced, these video statistics on social networks should show why the video deserves your attention: YouTube viewers watch a billion hours of video every day; Facebook users consume more than 8,000 million videos every day; and 82% of the Instagram audience watch video content on the platform. Video marketing has come to revolutionize visibility in social networks and capture the attention of users.

‘Influencers’ in the long term

Making a thousand campaigns with a large rotation of influncers does not give the expected results, that’s why fashion brands ally with the trend prescribers that generate more visibility and conversion by creating a longer contractual relationship with them. For example, in 2016 Louis Vuitton conducted a campaign with Selena Gomez and in 2017 the Coach brand exclusively hired this same influencer and caused Louis Vuitton to lower sales and visibility on social networks, and that Coach will gain positions.

This is given because users claim authenticity, so doing only one campaign or some sporadic with an influencer, or with several, causes the user to lose interest or credibility for what that same prescriber is showing. However, getting these relevant people to bet on a brand in the long term, causes it to gain authenticity and to see a more natural professional relationship and to be more linked to that influence with the brand.

That is why fashion firms often choose very few opinion leaders on social networks and base annual campaigns with them and not with thousands of different profiles.

The ‘stories’ are your best ally

Instagram stories and the arrival of reels have made telling stories one of the most loved content by users. Its temporary nature creates the sensation in users of the fear of missing something, so their addiction to seeing them and not losing anything, makes it increasingly the content preferred by users.

Mobile optimized content

As is known, mobile devices are where the content generated by fashion brands is most consumed, for this reason it is essential that all the content that is created is optimized or to view it from the mobile.


Emails and ads must be hyper personalized for the sales funnel goals to be achieved. Custom landing pages must be connected to your advertising campaigns. Developing a personalized relationship with customers will help make sales and retain these potential customers.

Sale from social profiles

Social networks are already a platform to sell products. This is because when a fashion brand has a notable presence on social networks, users will actively participate in social sales.

These trends in the digital world will help the fashion industry to develop its marketing strategies using digital marketing to its full extent.

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