6 secrets of digital marketing for the fashion industry

1- Vídeo marketing

One of the key points is to follow a video marketing strategy if you have an Internet business, do not assume anything new. But what if I also reaffirm this reality with data? In 2021, 81% of the traffic will come from the videos (CISC source). Notice that more and more companies position their video content on YouTube.

2- Influencer Marketing

It is always good to rely on influencers and other content creators, it is an investment in the medium and long term in branding, because each action they perform on behalf of your brand endures over time and, in addition, it does so with a creative and emotional touch . Which has a lot of value. Remember that… You have to sign an agreement to be able to reuse the content of influencers in your business, especially if it is for commercial purposes. In addition, if you have a personal brand, a strategy that is also a trend in digital marketing involves interviewing others.

3- Vertical content

Create directly in vertical for stories and thinking for mobile, because it helps to tell stories, something that took off in 2018.

And not only this, the content in vertical format is already transferring to all social networks, including YouTube !, remember that the new generation the cell phone is its main search tool.

4- Podcasts

The podcast format is here to stay, and not just as a digital marketing trend. Something that I love, because look at what it means to be able to consume audio content from anywhere and at any time.

So, you know, consider launching your own podcast if your content is, for example, potential for sharing interviews.

5- BOTs

A very effective fashion strategy, and not to get likes or followers, but to support the community, is to use BOTs.

These types of automated messages help to prefilter with flows that answer the most frequently asked questions, in addition to offering the user different options for personalized answers.

6- Progressive web apps

This may sound very advanced, but in reality it is simply a digital marketing trend focused on the design of web pages that work as mobile applications, but without the need to do all the development of a native application.

This in itself is already a huge benefit, so since Convert More we are already creating many of our apps with this option, but they also have the advantage of being installed directly in the mobile browser, without having to go through the download platform.

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