6 safety pins for marketing in the fashion industry.

1-Omnichannel presence

The fashion strategy that really works in digital marketing goes through being very active in each channel in which it is present. * Consider the requirement of the algorithms: Keep in mind that each time the algorithms limit the scope more, because every time there is more people and content creators, and you have to filter to prioritize the most creative and best managed This is how you can better reach your audience, always focusing on the customer with the best content.

2- Online advertising

Many people are still reluctant to invest, but yes, online advertising amplifies the scope and results. Especially thought that the new generations are always on the cell phone.

Put the batteries with this, because I was reluctant to invest in advertising at first, because it had very good organic results, but now I regret … A few years ago you could get leads for just a few cents!

3- Funnel

This is key, and for all types of strategy, because there is no other way to convert followers into customers than by passing them through a funnel of optimal conversion to their interests.

For example, you can put links from your stories to other content as the beginning of a funnel, going through different steps to becoming a customer.

4- Email and SMS marketing

These two strategies combined is a fantastic combo, because we still need these tools to sell, send emails with promotions and new products guarantees you more interested in your brand.

5- Artificial intelligence

This marketing trend involves applying strategies and mechanisms to predict and accelerate results.

I give you a simple example; When you invest $ 100 in Facebook Ads to reach 3 types of audience, the platform automatically decides which of the 3 groups puts more budget, as it predicts which will be more interests thanks to artificial intelligence.

6- Digital anticipation

As the last effective strategy to sell, I am not going to talk to you about creating videos or articles, but about following a content marketing strategy focused 100% on helping, since the sale is a consequence of having helped.

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